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Chief Robert K. Music


Chief Robert K. Music began his law enforcement career in 1996 with the Leesburg Police Department, shortly after completing his Peace Officer’s training from the Brown County Police Academy. In August 1996, he was hired as a Patrolman with the Village Of Lynchburg where he worked for several years. During those years of service, Chief Music worked his way to the Chief’s position. In 2006, he gave up his role as Chief to accept a corporate Investigator job at ABX Air Inc. During this time, Chief Music also held a position at the Highland County Sheriff’s Office as a part-time deputy. After the mass layoff at ABX Air in 2009, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He was hired as the village’s Police Chief in March 2011 where he continues to serve the citizens of Peebles.

Chief Robert K. Music had completed the following certification training programs throughout his years in Law Enforcement:

Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission
Completed 1500 hours in criminal Justice
* Brown County Police Academy                                                                   
* Strategies &Tactics of Patrol Stops                                                                   
* Crime Scene Investigation Techniques                                                                   
* Ohio Bureau of Criminal identification & investigation                                                                  
* ASP Tactical Baton                                                               
* MADD Outstanding Service Award 1998/1999                                                                
* 2000/2001/2005 Top Cop Award                                                                 
* Criminal Justice Center 1500 Hours                                                                   
* ASP Tactical Baton                                                                   
* Bureau of Alcohol &Drug Testing                                                                    
* F.B.I Child Abduction Response Plan                                                                   
* First Responder Course                                                                   
* Semi-Auto Handgun Instructor                                    
* 2004 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year                                                                 
* Tactical Flight operations                               
* John E Reid Associates  Interrogation                          
* John E Reid Associates Advanced Interrogation                                                           
* US Department of Homeland Security                                                                    
* 2003 Advanced Taser M26 and X26                                                                 
* 2004 K910 Mini-Buster Narcotic training Washington DC                                                                  

2010 Bachelor Degree Criminal Justice







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                Grace Davis

Grace Davis Grace Davis began her career with the Peebles Police Department in 1994 where she handled incoming phone calls, reading parking meters, and issuing parking citations to those in violation. In 1997, Mrs. Davis took some time off to pursue employment opportunities within the medical field. In 2000, Grace returned to the Peebles Police Department to obtain the position of Mayor’s clerk where her responsibilities include logging citations, answering telephones, collecting and recording fines, as well as a variety of other miscellaneous paperwork.